The common cuckoo is 32–34 centimetres long from bill to tail (with a tail of 13–15 centimetres and a wingspan of 55–60 centimetres. The legs are short. It is greyish with a slender body and long tail and can be mistaken for a falcon in flight, where the wingbeats are regular. During the breeding season, common cuckoos often settle on an open perch with drooped wings and raised tail. There is a rufous colour morph, which occurs occasionally in adult females but more often in juveniles.

Latin Name
Cuculus canorus

When the bird was spotted

Date Location Title Seen by Interestingness
Germany, Marktrodach Glosbach, heard cuckooing in the forest Hühnerhabicht ****
Germany, Dagebüll near Gotteskoog Hühnerhabicht ****
UK, Teesside and the North York Moors North Gare b.m.stokesley ****
Germany, Marktrodach not seen but heard cuckoo calling in the woods Hühnerhabicht ***
Germany, not specified Cuckoos calling in the woods; Spreetal/Lausitzer Seenplatte Hühnerhabicht ***
France, Leymen Flying overhead mike421 **
France, Leymen Flying overhead mike421 ***
France, Leymen Cuckoo calling and later flying overhead mike421 ****