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Birds seen here

When the birds were spotted

Date Bird Title Seen by Interestingness
Sandpiper, Common On the pond near Oberlarg, near Ferrette mike421 ***
Treecreeper On the campsite in Chalon sur Saone mike421 **
Swift, Common Oltingue mike421 *
Crow, Carrion Oltingue mike421
Thrush, Song Oltingue mike421 **
Pigeon, Wood Oltingue mike421 *
Shrike, Red backed Oltingue mike421 ***
Blackbird Oltingue mike421
Goldfinch Oltingue mike421 **
Kestrel Oltingue mike421 *
Yellowhammer Oltingue mike421 **
Wallcreeper Orgon mike421 ***
Falcon, Red Footed Provence, near Gourdes mike421 *****
Flamingo Camargue mike421 **
Goldcrest Camargue mike421 **
Egret, Cattle Camargue mike421 **
Egret, Little Camargue mike421 *
Blackcap La petite Camargue mike421 *
Swallow La petite Camargue mike421 *
Kingfisher La petite Camargue mike421 ***
Duck, Tufted La petite Camargue mike421
Nuthatch Bird table river's edge, Hagenthal Strawberry *
Mallard On the river, Hagenthal Strawberry **