Germany, Kandern


Kandern is a small rural town in the south of "Markgräflerland", at the spur of southern Blackforest. For the purpose of this website I'm collecting here bird sightings in Kandern itself and in the surroundings within a radius of around 10 km as the crow flies. The landscape in Kandern itself includes traditional orchard meadows, fields and woods as well as small rivers and pods. There is a biotope in the former clay pitch and a biotope and geotope in the "Wolfsschlucht" (in a forest).

The community Kandern includes as well the villages Holzen (known as habitat for white storks), Feuerbach, Sitzenkirch, Riedlingen, Tannenkirch, Wollbach where you find winegrowing and fruit-growing districts.

Not far away from Kandern are two health resorts with mineral springs: Badenweiler with its gardens famous for their old and partly exotic trees and its castle ruin; and Bad Bellingen with the wild part of the spa gardens with many very old trees which are a natural habitat for a big variety of birds. The river Rhine (Altrhein, not the canal) builds the natural border of Bad Bellingen.

Birds seen here

When the birds were spotted

Date Bird Title Seen by Interestingness
Wren on my terrace Hühnerhabicht ****
Nuthatch on my terrace Hühnerhabicht ****
Tit, Crested In a tree on the meadows behind the house Hühnerhabicht ****
Flycatcher, Collared on a branch in front of kitchen window Hühnerhabicht ****
Swift, Common flying over house Hühnerhabicht ***
Oriole, Golden Altrhein near Bad Bellingen Hühnerhabicht ****
Duck, Muscovy Altrhein near Bad Bellingen Hühnerhabicht ****
Cormorant diving in the pond of former clay pitch Hühnerhabicht ***
Martin, House Feuerbach, in village centre Hühnerhabicht ***
Kestrel 4 kestrels flying around house, garden and neighbourhood since weeks Hühnerhabicht
Goldfinch In the garden Hühnerhabicht ***
Swallow flying overhead next to farm near Wollbach Hühnerhabicht ***
Blackcap In the garden, male and female Hühnerhabicht ***
Goose, Egyptian a couple on river Wiese in Lörrach/Haagen Hühnerhabicht ***
Moorhen Swimming in pond of biotope "former clay pit" Hühnerhabicht **
Goosander Mrs and Mr Goosander on river Wiese Lörrach/Haagen Hühnerhabicht **
Moorhen pond at tennis court Hühnerhabicht ***
Dipper flying along river Kander in town Hühnerhabicht ***
Tit, Willow in the woods near Malsburg Hühnerhabicht ***
Wren in the woods between Kandern and Malsburg Hühnerhabicht ***
Duck, Domestic in Kander at Haupstrasse Hühnerhabicht
Pigeon, Feral a couple building a nest in neighbour's house Hühnerhabicht **
Swan, Mute 3 on Altrhein near Huttingen Hühnerhabicht
Duck, Tufted 6 on Altrhein near Huttingen Hühnerhabicht ***
Redstart, Black in a garden in Binzen Hühnerhabicht ***
Goosander 4 goosanders in flight , Altrhein, near Huttingen Hühnerhabicht ***
Egret, Great 7 on Altrhein near Huttingen Hühnerhabicht *
Cormorant 3 on an island in Altrhein near Huttingen Hühnerhabicht *
Heron, Grey around 20 in and around nests at Altrhein in Bad Bellingen Hühnerhabicht ***
Woodpecker, Great Spotted In tree near pond at tennis grounds Hühnerhabicht *
Wagtail, Grey at the bank of Feuerbach near swimming pool Hühnerhabicht **
Heron, Grey 3 herons in their nests at the pond near tennis grounds Hühnerhabicht ***
Stork, White a couple back in town Hühnerhabicht ***
Thrush, Mistle on a meadow behind the house Hühnerhabicht ***
Coot in the pond of former clay pit Hühnerhabicht ***
Woodpecker, Green on a meadow behind the house Hühnerhabicht
Jay 4 jays at clay pit, one of them catching a lizard Hühnerhabicht *
Buzzard 4 buzzards flying overhead Hühnerhabicht
Starling around 10 starlings in the fields behind the house Hühnerhabicht ***
Kite, Red 4 red kites flying overhead behind the house Hühnerhabicht
Blackbird 6 blackbirds on terrace in snow Hühnerhabicht
Rook around 50 on a field behind the house Hühnerhabicht
Kestrel in the fields behind the house Hühnerhabicht *
Crow, Carrion around a dozen on a field behind the house Hühnerhabicht
Pigeon, Wood on neighbour´s roof Hühnerhabicht *
Chaffinch a couple on terrace Hühnerhabicht *
Mallard in the pond of biotope "clay pit" Hühnerhabicht **
Egret, Great on a field in Hammerstein Hühnerhabicht ***
Wagtail, Grey in the meadows of Feuerbach Hühnerhabicht **
Greenfinch on terrace Hühnerhabicht **