Owl, Long Eared

The long-eared owl is a medium-sized owl, 31–40 cm in length with an 86–100 cm wingspan and a body mass of 178–435 g . It has erect blackish ear-tufts, which are positioned in the centre of the head. The ear-tufts are used to make the owl appear larger to other owls while perched. The female is larger in size and darker in colouration than the male. The long-eared owl's brownish feathers are vertically streaked. Tarsus and toes are entirely feathered. Eye disks are also characteristic in this species. However, the eye disks of Asio otus are darker in colour or rusty-orange. This nocturnal species is perhaps most easily seen perched in a tree in its daytime roost, sometimes in small groups during the winter months. 


Latin Name
Asio otus


When the bird was spotted

Date Location Title Seen by Interestingness
UK, Teesside and the North York Moors Saltholme b.m.stokesley ****
France, Leymen Long eared owl in a tree on Rue de Ruisseau mike421 ****
France, Leymen Young long eared owl in the garden mike421 ****