Redstarts are immediately identifiable by their bright orange-red tails, which they often quiver. Breeding males look smart, with slate grey upper parts, black faces and wings, and an orange rump and chest. Females and young are duller. Not to be confused with the Black redstart

Latin Name
Phoenicurus phoenicurus


When the bird was spotted

Date Location Title Seen by Interestingness
UK, Teesside and the North York Moors Snilesworth b.m.stokesley ****
Romania, Margau Margau b.m.stokesley ***
Germany, Marktrodach on a meadow Hühnerhabicht *
Germany, Kandern in a tree near Kander Hühnerhabicht ***
Germany, Wissen In the garden Hühnerhabicht ***
France, Leymen In the garden mike421 ****
France, Leymen Flew into the house window and stunned itself mike421 ***
France, Leymen On the lawn mike421 ***
France, Leymen Redstart in the garden mike421 ***