Switzerland, not specified


When the birds were spotted

Date Bird Title Seen by Interestingness
Nuthatch Gempen mike421 **
Alpine Chough Pilatus Hühnerhabicht
Woodpecker, Black Chestelfluh, near Delemont mike421 ****
Wallcreeper Chestelfluh, near Delemont mike421 ****
Alpine Chough Passo del Lucomagno Hühnerhabicht
Nutcracker, Spotted flying back and forth between Swiss stone pines Hühnerhabicht **
Swift, Common young swifts practising at dam of Lago di Luzzone Hühnerhabicht *
Dipper Canal near Wiese café, Lange Erlen, Basel Hühnerhabicht **
Wagtail, Grey on a tree near river Wiese, Lange Erlen Hühnerhabicht **
Fieldfare Near Gempen mike421 *
Alpine Chough Obersaxen mike421 **
Buzzard Flying overhead mike421 *
Moorhen In the ponds by the zoo mike421
Pigeon, Wood All over mike421 *
Magpie Lange Erlen mike421
Tit, Blue All over mike421
Goose, Greylag In the ponds by the zoo mike421 *
Jay Near the "woodpecker" tree, on the German side mike421 *
Robin in the woods mike421
Wagtail, Grey on the canal near the restaurant on the Wiese mike421 *
Dove, Collared In the zoo part mike421
Crow, Carrion All over mike421
Blackbird All over mike421
Pochard, Red Crested Lange Erlan, near the zoo part mike421 ***
Mallard On the pond in the zoo mike421
Kite, Black Flying overhead, and on its nest near the canal mike421 **
Duck, Tufted On the pond in the zoo mike421 *
Starling By the restaurant Brianthebirdwatcher
Woodpecker, Great Spotted On the "woodpecker" tree mike421 *
Sparrowhawk Flying overhead mike421 ***
Treecreeper Near the "woodpecker" tree, on the German side mike421 **
Stork, White In the zoo part mike421 *
Wagtail, Pied near the cafe on the Wiese mike421
Tit, Great Lange Erlen mike421
Dipper Lange Erlen, nesting under a bridge near the Wiese café mike421 **
Heron, Grey Lange Erlen mike421 *
Kite, Red All over mike421 *
Goose, Barnacle Lange Erlen mike421 *
Sparrow, House Lange Erlen mike421
Nuthatch Lange Erlen mike421 **
Blackbird Everywhere mike421
Sparrow, House Seen everywhere! mike421
Gull, Black headed Black headed gull flying overhead mike421
Tit, Blue Blue Tit in the trees mike421
Blackbird Blackbird in the playground mike421
Alpine Accentor At the restaurant at Jochpass, Engelberg mike421 ***
Finch, Snow Jochpass, Engelberg mike421 ***
Woodpecker, Black At Pelzli near Grellingen mike421 ****