Switzerland, not specified


Birds spotted within the boundaries of Switzerland 



Birds seen here

When the birds were spotted

Date Bird Title Seen by Interestingness
Martinet noir young swifts practising at dam of Lago di Luzzone Hühnerhabicht *
Cincle plongeur Canal near Wiese café, Lange Erlen, Basel Hühnerhabicht **
Bergeronnette des ruisseaux on a tree near river Wiese, Lange Erlen Hühnerhabicht **
Grive litorne Near Gempen mike421 *
Cigogne blanche In the zoo part mike421 *
Bergeronnette grise near the cafe on the Wiese mike421
Épervier d'Europe Flying overhead mike421 ***
Héron cendré Lange Erlen mike421 *
Mésange charbonnière Lange Erlen mike421
Oie cendrée In the ponds by the zoo mike421 *
Moineau domestique Lange Erlen mike421
Sittelle torchepot Lange Erlen mike421 **
Milan royal All over mike421 *
Pigeon ramier All over mike421 *
Pie bavarde Lange Erlen mike421
Buse variable Flying overhead mike421 *
Gallinule poule-d'eau In the ponds by the zoo mike421
Geai des chênes Near the "woodpecker" tree, on the German side mike421 *
Mésange bleue All over mike421
Bergeronnette des ruisseaux on the canal near the restaurant on the Wiese mike421 *
Tourterelle turque In the zoo part mike421
Corneille noire All over mike421
Rouge-gorge in the woods mike421
Canard colvert On the pond in the zoo mike421
Merle noir All over mike421
Cincle plongeur Lange Erlen, nesting under a bridge near the Wiese café mike421 **
Étourneau sansonnet By the restaurant Brianthebirdwatcher
Pic épeiche On the "woodpecker" tree mike421 *
Milan Noir Flying overhead, and on its nest near the canal mike421 **
Grimpereau des bois Near the "woodpecker" tree, on the German side mike421 **
Merle noir Everywhere mike421
Moineau domestique Seen everywhere! mike421
Mouette rieuse Black headed gull flying overhead mike421
Mésange bleue Blue Tit in the trees mike421
Merle noir Blackbird in the playground mike421