Switzerland, Obersaxen


The valley and mountains between Ilanz and Disentis

Birds seen here

When the birds were spotted

Date Bird Title Seen by Interestingness
Martin, House In Rhine valley wphu **
Magpie In Rhine valley wphu *
Jay In Rhine valley wphu *
Raven In Meierhof wphu *
Alpine Chough On Stein wphu *
Crow, Carrion From ski lift wphu *
Alpine Chough From ski lift wphu *
Raven From ski lift wphu *
Nuthatch In a local birch tree in Meierhof, Obersaxen wphu **
Magpie Flying above Meierhof wphu *
Blackbird In trees close to Under der Gassa wphu *
Crow, Carrion Obersaxen mike421
Alpine Chough Obersaxen mike421
Bullfinch Obersaxen mike421 *