UK, Teesside and the North York Moors


The North York Moors national park, Teesside, Teesdale and including the town of Stokesley

Birds seen here

When the birds were spotted

Date Bird Title Seen by Interestingness
Chiffchaff fields to Seamer b.m.stokesley
Yellowhammer fields to Seamer b.m.stokesley
Bullfinch fields to Seamer b.m.stokesley
Buzzard fields to Seamer b.m.stokesley
Thrush, Song fields to Seamer b.m.stokesley
Starling from garden b.m.stokesley
Tit, Blue from garden b.m.stokesley
Crow, Carrion from garden b.m.stokesley
Tit, Long Tailed from garden b.m.stokesley
Pigeon, Wood from garden b.m.stokesley
Gull, Herring from garden b.m.stokesley
Magpie from garden b.m.stokesley
Robin from garden b.m.stokesley
Dunnock from garden b.m.stokesley
Chaffinch from garden b.m.stokesley
Jackdaw from garden b.m.stokesley
Kite, Red A1 Dishforth b.m.stokesley
Shelduck, Ruddy Saltholme b.m.stokesley *****
Greenshank Saltholme b.m.stokesley ***
Owl, Barn A172 near Treebridge b.m.stokesley *
Plover, Ringed South Gare b.m.stokesley *
Bunting, Snow South Gare b.m.stokesley ***
Twite North Gare b.m.stokesley ***
Pipit, Meadow North Gare b.m.stokesley
Plover, Golden North Gare b.m.stokesley **
Shag NorthGare b.m.stokesley ***
Skylark North Gare b.m.stokesley *
Scoter, Common North Gare b.m.stokesley ***
Grebe, Little Lockwood Beck Reservioir b.m.stokesley **
Goldeneye Lockwood Beck Reservioir b.m.stokesley ****
Nuthatch Pinchinthorpe Walkway b.m.stokesley
Tit, Marsh Lockwood Beck Reservioir b.m.stokesley **
Rook Great Ayton b.m.stokesley
Greenfinch Stokesley Trading Estate b.m.stokesley
Dove, Collared Stokesley Trading Estate b.m.stokesley
Merganser, Red Breasted Saltholme b.m.stokesley **
Snipe Saltholme b.m.stokesley **
Bunting, Reed Saltholme b.m.stokesley **
Dove, Stock Saltholme b.m.stokesley *
Gull, Great Black Backed Saltholme b.m.stokesley
Gull, Glaucous Saltholme b.m.stokesley ***
Goose, Barnacle Saltholme b.m.stokesley
Grebe, Great Crested Hemlington Lake b.m.stokesley **
Godwit, Black Tailed Saltholme b.m.stokesley *
Teal Saltholme b.m.stokesley
Pigeon, Feral Saltholme b.m.stokesley
Gadwall Saltholme b.m.stokesley
Shelduck Saltholme b.m.stokesley
Shoveler Saltholme b.m.stokesley
Wigeon Saltholme b.m.stokesley