UK, Teesside and the North York Moors


The North York Moors national park, Teesside, Teesdale and including the town of Stokesley

Birds seen here

When the birds were spotted

Date Bird Title Seen by Interestingness
Shelduck, Ruddy Saltholme b.m.stokesley *****
Eagle, White Tailed Flying high over house being mobbed by gulls b.m.stokesley ****
Gannet South Gare b.m.stokesley ****
Goldeneye Lockwood Beck Reservioir b.m.stokesley ****
Cuckoo North Gare b.m.stokesley ****
Sandpiper, Pectoral Saltholme b.m.stokesley ****
Wagtail, Yellow fields to Seamer b.m.stokesley ****
Ouzel, Ring Top of Ingleby Incline b.m.stokesley ****
Swan, Black Dormans Pool b.m.stokesley ****
Flycatcher, Spotted Lockwood Beck Reservioir b.m.stokesley ****
Crossbill near Newgate Bank b.m.stokesley ****
Treecreeper Lockwood Beck Reservioir b.m.stokesley ***
Tern, Sandwich South Gare b.m.stokesley ***
Plover, Little Ringed Saltholme mike421 ***
Wren garden b.m.stokesley ***
Plover, Golden Near to Chop Gate mike421 ***
Grebe, Little Saltholme mike421 ***
Blackcap River Leven near Great Ayton b.m.stokesley ***
Tern, Common Greatham Creek b.m.stokesley ***
Tit, Long Tailed In the garden mike421 ***
Martin, House River Leven near Great Ayton b.m.stokesley ***
Warbler, Reed Saltholme b.m.stokesley ***
Swallow Allotment b.m.stokesley ***
Warbler, Sedge Saltholme b.m.stokesley ***
Shag NorthGare b.m.stokesley ***
Whitethroat Saltholme mike421 ***
Martin, Sand Saltholme b.m.stokesley ***
Scoter, Common North Gare b.m.stokesley ***
Redshank Saltholme mike421 ***
Bullfinch Garden in stokesley mike421 ***
Egret, Great Saltholme b.m.stokesley ***
Godwit, Bar Tailed North Gare b.m.stokesley ***
Dunlin Saltholme mike421 ***
Gull, Glaucous Saltholme b.m.stokesley ***
Tern, Little Seaton Carew beach b.m.stokesley ***
Gadwall Saltholme mike421 ***
Twite North Gare b.m.stokesley ***
Garganey Saltholme mike421 ***
Swift, Common Flying over house b.m.stokesley ***
Bunting, Snow South Gare b.m.stokesley ***
Bunting, Reed Saltholme mike421 ***
Partridge, Red legged Great Busby b.m.stokesley ***
Redwing Pinchinthorpe Walkway b.m.stokesley ***
Eider Off Redcar beach b.m.stokesley ***
Avocet, Pied Saltholme mike421 ***
Egret, Little Saltholme mike421 ***
Shelduck Saltholme mike421 ***
Greenshank Saltholme b.m.stokesley ***
Martin, Sand Saltholme mike421 ***
Whitethroat Lockwood Beck Reservioir b.m.stokesley ***