UK, Teesside and the North York Moors

When the birds were spotted

Date Bird Title Seen by Interestingness
Snipe Saltholme b.m.stokesley **
Duck, Tufted Hemlington Lake b.m.stokesley *
Chaffinch Saltholme b.m.stokesley
Dunlin Saltholme b.m.stokesley *
Jay BankFoot b.m.stokesley ***
Tit, Blue Garden feeder b.m.stokesley **
Grouse, Red Ingleby Incline b.m.stokesley
Tit, Long Tailed BankFoot b.m.stokesley ***
Eider Hartlepool b.m.stokesley **
Diver, Red Throated Hartlepool b.m.stokesley ***
Guillemot ha b.m.stokesley **
Sandpiper, Purple Hartlepool b.m.stokesley ***
Grebe, Slavonian Hartlepool b.m.stokesley ****
Scoter, Common Hartlepool b.m.stokesley **
Redstart, Black Hartlepool b.m.stokesley ****
Pipit, Rock Hartlepool b.m.stokesley ***
Curlew Hartlepool b.m.stokesley **
Grebe, Great Crested Hartlepool b.m.stokesley **
Tit, Great Garden feeder b.m.stokesley **
Diver, Great Northern (Common Loon) Hartlepool b.m.stokesley ****
Dove, Collared From kitchen window b.m.stokesley ***
Jackdaw On garden fence b.m.stokesley **
Tit, Coal Garden feeder b.m.stokesley **
Moorhen Pinchinthorpe b.m.stokesley *
Greenfinch Garden feeder b.m.stokesley **
Starling On garden fence b.m.stokesley
Goldcrest Pinchinthorpe b.m.stokesley ****
Blackbird Garden b.m.stokesley
Bullfinch Pinchinthorpe b.m.stokesley ***
Dunnock Garden b.m.stokesley *
Goldfinch Garden feeder b.m.stokesley **
Crow, Carrion Pinchinthorpe b.m.stokesley *
Cormorant South Gare b.m.stokesley *
Merganser, Red Breasted South Gare b.m.stokesley ***
Plover, Golden South Gare b.m.stokesley ***
Sanderling South Gare b.m.stokesley *
Redshank Redcar b.m.stokesley *
Magpie in garden b.m.stokesley
Bunting, Snow so b.m.stokesley ****
Gull, Black headed South Gare b.m.stokesley
Godwit, Bar Tailed South Gare b.m.stokesley **
Robin Garden b.m.stokesley
Wagtail, Pied South Gare b.m.stokesley *
Sparrow, House Garden feeder b.m.stokesley
Gull, Herring South Gare b.m.stokesley
Oystercatcher South Gare b.m.stokesley *
Plover, Ringed Redcar b.m.stokesley **
Pigeon, Wood On garden fence b.m.stokesley
Turnstone South Gare b.m.stokesley *
Waxwing Stokesley Trading Estate b.m.stokesley ****