UK, Teesside and the North York Moors


The North York Moors national park, Teesside, Teesdale and including the town of Stokesley

When the birds were spotted

Date Bird Title Seen by Interestingness
Woodpecker, Green Gribdale b.m.stokesley
Pheasant Kildale b.m.stokesley
Sandpiper, Common Saltholme mike421 *
Swallow Falcon Clints, Teesdale (first sighting this year in the UK) b.m.stokesley
Redshank Harwood Beck, Teesdale b.m.stokesley
Sandpiper, Common Harwood Beck, Teesdale b.m.stokesley
Goldfinch garden feeder b.m.stokesley
Chaffinch Pinchinthorpe b.m.stokesley
Chiffchaff Pinchinthorpe b.m.stokesley
Wren Allotment fence b.m.stokesley
Siskin On feeder at Bowlees Visitor Centre, Teesdale b.m.stokesley
Oystercatcher Teesdale b.m.stokesley
Dipper Near Low Force, Teesdale b.m.stokesley
Wagtail, Pied Teesdale b.m.stokesley
Nuthatch On feeder at Bowlees Visitor Centre, Teesdale b.m.stokesley
Wheatear Teesdale b.m.stokesley
Linnet Garden Fence - spotted by H b.m.stokesley
Rook A172 near Swans Corner b.m.stokesley
Warbler, Willow Several along Farndale West at West Gill b.m.stokesley
Curlew Blakey Ridge - nearly hit the car b.m.stokesley
Grouse, Red Rudland Rigg b.m.stokesley
Lapwing Blakey Ridge b.m.stokesley
Swan, Mute Hemlington Lake b.m.stokesley
Coot Stewart Park lake b.m.stokesley
Sparrowhawk Garden fence b.m.stokesley
Tit, Coal garden feeder b.m.stokesley
Owl, Barn A172 near Treebridge b.m.stokesley
Greenfinch from garden b.m.stokesley
Tit, Great from garden b.m.stokesley
Heron, Grey flying over garden b.m.stokesley
Dunnock In the garden at Marton mike421 *
Kestrel A19 mike421 *
Moorhen Fairy Dell mike421
Cormorant Fairy Dell mike421 **
Buzzard A19 mike421 *
Tit, Long Tailed In the garden mike421 ***
Woodpecker, Great Spotted Roseberry Topping mike421 **
Treecreeper Roseberry Topping mike421 **
Tit, Long Tailed in garden b.m.stokesley
Robin Roseberry Topping mike421
Woodpecker, Great Spotted Roseberry Topping b.m.stokesley
Magpie Marton mike421
Oystercatcher Runswick Bay mike421 *
Pigeon, Wood Marton mike421
Tit, Blue Runswick Bay mike421
Blackbird Marton mike421
Thrush, Mistle Between Staithes and Runswick Bay mike421
Gull, Black headed Marton mike421
Pheasant Near Danby, on the moors mike421 *
Starling Marton mike421