Germany, Marktrodach


Village in Oberfranken / northern Bavaria near Kronach

Birds seen here

When the birds were spotted

Date Bird Title Seen by Interestingness
Starling flock of starlings gathering on garden trees Hühnerhabicht *
Jay 2 jays in an old oak tree Hühnerhabicht **
Redstart, Black more than a dozen in a tree near houses Hühnerhabicht *
Cuckoo not seen but heard cuckoo calling in the woods Hühnerhabicht ***
Woodpecker, Green 2 green woodpeckers pecking on a rotten tree in the garden for around 10 minutes Hühnerhabicht **
Blackcap male and female on a tree in the garden Hühnerhabicht
Crow, Carrion flying overhead Hühnerhabicht
Swallow flying overhead Hühnerhabicht
Heron, Grey a couple next to a pond Hühnerhabicht
Tit, Blue on a tree in the garden Hühnerhabicht
Wagtail, Pied two, next to a little river Hühnerhabicht
Yellowhammer in a tree Hühnerhabicht
Magpie on the roof Hühnerhabicht
Sparrow, House in a garden Hühnerhabicht
Starling sitting on the wire in front of the house Hühnerhabicht
Kingfisher crossing river Rodach in flight in Hövels Hühnerhabicht ****
Mallard 3 couples in river Rodach Hühnerhabicht
Tit, Coal on the fir trees in the garden Hühnerhabicht
Kestrel flying overhead Hühnerhabicht
Swift, Common flying overhead Hühnerhabicht
Martin, House flying over a field Hühnerhabicht
Sparrow, Tree a couple in the garden Hühnerhabicht
Stork, Black standing at a pond in Fischbach, then flying overhead Hühnerhabicht ****
Linnet Male linnet sitting on the roof of neighbour´s house Hühnerhabicht ***
Goldfinch on a tree in the garden Hühnerhabicht *
Skylark flying above a field Hühnerhabicht *
Blackbird in the garden Hühnerhabicht
Pigeon, Wood flying round the house Hühnerhabicht