The nuthatch is a vocal bird with a loud "dwip" call. It lives and eats around trees. The adult male is 14 cm long with a 22.5–27 cm wingspan. It has blue-grey upper parts, a black eye-stripe and whitish throat and underparts. The flanks and lower belly are orange-red, mottled with white on the undertail. The stout bill is dark grey with a paler area on the base of the lower mandible, the iris is dark brown and the legs and feet are pale brown or greyish. Nuthatches move on trees with short leaps, and do not use their tails for support. In flight, they have a characteristic appearance, with a pointed head, round wings and a short, square tail. Their flight is fast, with wings closed between beats, and is usually of short duration.

Latin Name
Sitta europaea

When the bird was spotted